Accounting and Legal Studies

Year 10 Students

This course allows students to gain experience in both subject areas on a term by term basis. This knowledge and experience will assist students intending on studying these subjects into the senior years of schooling.

As part of the Accounting content, students will develop:

  • An understanding of the importance of accounting for effective business decision making
  • An ability to record an interpret basic financial business information, process accounting data, produce reports and make decisions
  • An awareness of the role of technology in Accounting
  • An ability to apply accounting knowledge and skills to their business, social and personal lives both now and in the future.
  • As part of the Legal Studies content, students will develop:
  • An understanding of the concept of democracy and the particular feature of the Australian democratic political system
  • An awareness of how Australian and Asian countries’ systems of government differ
  • An awareness of the role Australia plays in the United Nations
  • An understanding of the role of the High Court of Australia and the international laws and treaties Australia is subject to.

Business and Tourism Studies

Year 10 Students

This course allows students to gain experience in both subject areas on a term by term basis. The business subject area of this course focuses on Economics, while the tourism subject area focuses on travel organisation and planning.

As part of the Business content, students will develop:

  • An understanding of how measuring economic performance determines the success and market strength of a country’s economic system
  • An awareness of what standard of living means and how it can be measured
  • An awareness of how Australia’s standard of living compares with other countries.
  • An understanding of the factors that influence our buying decisions, opportunity cost and the outcomes of making a major consumer and finance decision.
  • As part of the Tourism content, students will develop:
  • An understanding of factors impacting the choice of a travel destination, including research for planning a variety of holidays on a budget.
  • An awareness of current world destination travel advice using the DFAT website and Smart traveller.
  • An understanding of the methods of transport that is utilised when travelling in Australia and overseas.
  • An awareness of the essential, but not often considered, elements required for travel. (Visas,  travel insurance, passenger cards, etc.)
  • An ability to prepare a detailed itinerary, taking into consideration problem solving for those situations where you find yourself in trouble abroad.


Year 11 and 12 Students

Accounting plays a vital role in the business world.  Students will examine how Accounting provides information about various types of businesses to interested parties to enable decisions to be made regarding the operation of the enterprise.

The study of Accounting enables students to understand the processes involved in generating, recording, analysing, interpreting and reporting Accounting information as a basis for planning, control and effective decision-making for business enterprises.

This course is designed to provide a foundation for Accounting, but also promotes the development of numeracy skills, effective communication and logical reasoning, as well as preparing students for further education, training and employment.  The skills and attitudes gained in this course will prepare students for a variety of entry points to employment in both employee and employer roles, as well as preparing them for continuing studies at tertiary level.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills in managing financial resources that they can apply at both a personal level and in the business environment. Students will use information technology to enable them to apply accounting processes in business, their daily lives, and as a member of society.  Completion of this course should enable students to participate more effectively and responsibly in a changing social and business environment.

Last reviewed 19 October 2018
Last updated 19 October 2018