Dona Sony - OP 1

University of Queensland – Advanced Finance and Economics

She was in the UQ Young Achievers Program and was the recipient of the University of Queensland Vice Chancellors Scholarship.

Dona has participated in a number of academic competitions throughout her school life and is a self motivated student with great time management skills.

She always attended tutorials that the school offered and has a love of writing and has always been committed to submitting quality drafts and then refining her work.

Dona is community minded and teaches Sunday School, her mother tongue and also dance to children in her community.



Jasmine Phan - OP 1

Queensland University of Technology  - Optometry

Jasmine is a severe asthmatic and throughout her schooling, she had missed large chunks of time due to being ill. Her family have supported her through ensuring that she looked after her health, particularly in her senior years through ensuring that she gets enough sleep to stay healthy. This at times meant that they had to send Jasmine to bed when she would have preferred to stay up and study. However, even with her illness, Jasmine was able to achieve an OP 1, which confirms that taking care of your health is an integral aspect of high achievement at school.

In year 10, Jasmine wanted to do Radiology, in Year 11 – Optometry and in Year 12 she decided she wanted to do Dentistry. Unfortunately in 2019, over 400 OP 1 students applied for Dentistry at Griffith and Jasmine did not make it into her top preference.  Jasmine intends on completing her first year in Optometry and then deciding if she still wants to transfer into Dentistry.



Humda Zainab - OP 1

University of Queensland – Bachelor of Science – and then transferring into Medicine

Humda decided that she did not want to enter straight into medicine as she did not want to have to balance her school studies with UMAT study as well. Therefore she has chosen to begin her tertiary education with a Bachelor of Science and will transfer into medicine once she has undertaken further study for the UMAT exam.

At school Humda participated in a range of academic competitions. She has always had a love of reading and has possessed excellent time management skills which ensured that she started her assessment tasks as soon as she received them. Humda followed a strict self imposed study schedule where she would go home after school each day and review all of the notes that she had taken. She would highlight anything that she didn’t understand fully and would speak to her teacher the next day to seek clarification.




Jamie Weir - OP 2

Queensland University of Technology – Mechanical Engineering

James has always been interested in cars and robotics and how things work. As a child he was an avid reader and this has continued however, nowadays rather than reading paper books, he is always online reading articles and journals on how things work.

He has excellent time management skills and knows how to break a task down into manageable chunks.





Sasha Boyce

Cert II Hospitality - Greenbank RSL

Diploma of Business, Cert II Kitchen Operations, Cert II Business/Tourism

Sasha completed multiple certificate courses at the highest level including multiple certificate II courses, a Certificate III traineeship and the Diploma of Business Course.  She had exceptional attendance, behaviour and effort in all of her studies at school.
She has been offered casual employment at the Club and has accepted an offer to study International Tourism and Business at Griffith University.





Candy Li

Cert III Early Childhood, Education and Care, School Based Employment Services QLD Host Employer : Goodstart Calamvale


When Candy came to Calamvale she learning English.  Candy was the first to complete her traineeship hours and certificate work.  During Year 12 and still studying she also undertook another job at Supercheap Auto and to top it off she completed the Diploma of Business.  Candy has accepted a place at Griffith University to study Nursing.







Aimee Goves

Cert III Early Childhood, Education and Care, Based Employment Services QLD Host Employer : Regents Park Childcare Centre, Cert II Hospitality

Aimee had her own struggles throughout Year 11 and Year 12, she is now employed full time at her child care centre and has received reports that she is going exceptionally well.  Mr Goves wanted to thank all the staff for their support in helping Aimee successfully finish Year 12.






James Sinclair

Cert III in Sport and Recreation Parkinson Aquatic Centre, Cert II Automotive Preparation Host: Received an offer for a full time apprenticeship post Year 12

James was at times disengaged at school. He passed all of his subjects but felt a bit uncertain about his future career path.  He completed a traineeship but truly found his passion in the SVETE programs, particularly ACCER8 and after completing this program was offered a full time apprenticeship. 


Last reviewed 30 January 2019
Last updated 30 January 2019