Indigenous Education Policy


​​Calamvale Community College (CCCrecognises that education plays a vital role in welcoming Indigenous families as part of our community. At CCC we strive to support and promote a positive approach to embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into our curriculum.

Calamvale Community College is a QATSIF (Queensland Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Foundation) school. Through QATSIF Year 11 and 12 students may be eligible for QCE Scholarships that help support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to complete their senior studies.


Indigenous Liaison Officer:

​Who I am?
My name is David Swanson, born in country Queensland. I grew up throughout Brisbane, Sydney & Tasmania. I am a proud member of the Darug mob, however I have lived in Brisbane for the last decade.  I am currently the Indigenous Liaison Officer at Calamvale Community College.

What I do:
As the Indigenous Liaison Officer, I provide support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Calamvale Community College. My role includes one on one and group support, maintaining a database for Indigenous students, planning and hosting excursions and cultural activities, liaising with staff such as the guidance officers, teachers and administration team, liaising with parents, assisting with student aspirations, providing Indigenous-focused scholarship and traineeship information, and checking in with students.

How can I be contacted:
I am available Monday to Friday and can be reached on (07) 3712 6357 or

The College will provide information about Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum by:

  • ​sensitive inclusion of appropriate material concerning traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture and heritage in teaching and learning programmes
  • review of existing units of work at each stage in order to identify ways in which Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander perspectives may be incorporated
  • using appropriate teaching strategies to ensure that units of work involving Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander perspectives are covered with respect

The College will support and encourage participation in culturally significant Indigenous events by:

  • appreciating the importance of knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture, history and spirituality
  • acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land at significant gatherings.
  • identifying significant Indigenous events
  • Celebrating NAIDOC
  • Engaging in mentorship programs - Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

The College will promote an awareness of appropriate community protocols by:

  • the use of language by teachers and students that reflects dignity and shows respect and sensitivity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • modelling and promotion of positive and constructive approaches to Indigenous issues by all staff
  • researching information about Indigenous beliefs and customs of the local area

      The College will support culturally appropriate Indigenous learning and teaching resources by:

      • ensuring that students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander have access to all available resources and are provided with a curriculum that is sensitive to the issues that concern both the Indigenous and wider community
      • advising staff of any current reference documents issued by Education Queensland or the Indigenous community that are relevant to teaching and learning outcomes

      • utilizing the support of a Teacher Aide to help improve the learning outcomes for students

      • facilitating the attendance of staff members at professional development to improve cultural knowledge and understanding of Indigenous issues and perspectives​

      Last reviewed 21 May 2021
      Last updated 21 May 2021