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Calamvale Community College opened in 2002 and currently has 2200 students from Prep to Year 12. The Kindergarten on campus offers quality programs for 132 children from 3 to 4 years old.

The College operates in three sub schools: Lower Junior (Prep to Year 2) - 420 students, Upper Junior (Year 3 to Year 6) - 560 students, Middle (Year 7 to Year 9) - 600 students and Senior (Year 10 to Year 12) - 600 students.

The sub schools operate as semi-autonomous mini schools whilst still allowing students to access the excellent resource base of the whole College. The curriculum has a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, science and consistent standards from Prep through to Year 12.

E-learning is a top priority of the College. A take-home laptop program for Senior students commenced in 2011 and student access to embedded technology continues to grow throughout the College.

The College’s structure of teams of classes (PODs) and teachers in the Junior and Middle schools allows students to be accelerated or supported to maximise their own learning journey. Every student has individual learning goals which are monitored and reviewed regularly. 

Defined enrichment and acceleration programs operate in all sub schools. A recent partnership with the Queensland Academies has introduced an extensive program of extracurricular enrichment programs for our brightest students.

The Prep-12 curriculum plan allows students to specialise further as they progress through the College. In the Middle School, students choose from 15 electives while Senior school students choose from 36 subjects, including university and vocational options. A strong vocational program and unique university partnership with Griffith University enhances the post school pathways for our school leavers. In 2012 fifty precent of university bound students gained early guaranteed entry into university. One of our vocational programs is the Three Trees Restaurant which opens to the public one evening each week providing hospitality training for students.

The Colleges state of the art three-court sports centre and three ovals are used out of hours by local sporting clubs. Students have an extensive range of sporting and cultural co-curricular activities to choose from. From the Performance Excellence Program, the Calamvale Cougars became National Champion Cheerleaders in 2012. Our instrumental music program involves nearly 200 students who are able to audition for a range of bands and ensembles. Ignite, our College review, saw performances from 300 students from across the College. The Athlete Development Program aims to develop our up-and-coming athletes. With our high performance sports centre, these students train in the fully equipped gymnasium and professional courts.

An active and energetic Parents and Citizens Association ensures families’ viewpoints are at the heart of the College’s operations and that extra funds raised further improve our children’s educational environment. The College’s achievements have been acknowledged by a number of awards including a State Showcase Award for Excellence in Innovation and Order of Australia Awards for Citizenship.

Calamvale Community College has recently been selected to become one of Queensland’s first Independent Public Schools. This will facilitate an extension of our university and pre-school (0 to 4 years) partnerships, a world class approach to Middle Schooling and a leader in the use of technology as an embedded tool for learning Prep-Year 12 based on developmental needs.

Last updated 12 October 2018
Last reviewed 12 October 2018