Maps and transport


​​​​Student travel to and from school

Students will arrive and leave the College in a variety of ways. Safety of students is paramount whichever mode of transport is used.


Pick-up and drop-off rules for the front of the College-Junior School Car Park

Zone 1 - Pick-up and drop-off zone

  • The Green and Red Zones after the pedestrian crossing are the designated Pick-up and Drop-off Zone for Junior School

  • You have 2 minutes to pick-up and drop-off

  • Keep the traffic flowing! Do the loop and come back while you wait for your child to arrive

  • Use your 2 minutes to ensure your child is safely in the car, the door is properly closed and the seat belt is fastened.

Zone 2 - Stop and drop zone

  • The parking bays before the pedestrian crossing is the designated Stop and Drop Zones for Middle/Senior School parents

  • No waiting or parking is permitted in this area.

Ideas for pick-up and drop off

  • Adjust pick-up time by 5 minutes – it can make all the difference. Peak pick-up time is 2.45pm to 3.05pm.

  • By 3.05pm each afternoon there are many places in the front car park vacant. Consider altering your pick-up time by 5 minutes.

  • Consider organising a safe meeting point with your child away from the front of the College.

  • Car pool or organise a Park and Stride with other parents in your neighbourhood.


There are walking and bike tracks around the College and a number of pedestrian gates for students to use. Students should not use vehicular gates or walk through any car parks inside or outside the grounds. There are either lights or pedestrian crossings near all exits to the school and these should be used at all times when crossing roads.


Bike racks are designated for students in each sub-school. It is strongly recommended that students secure their bikes while in these racks. There are walking and bike tracks around the College and a number of pedestrian gates for students to use. Students should walk their bikes along these tracks unless they are marked with a special bike lane. In this case, they should give way to pedestrians. No student should ride a bike in the grounds of the College. Helmets must be worn at all times.


Students who are in the Primary school age group, are eligible for free bus passes which are paid for by the Transport Department if they live more than 3.2km from the nearest school. Students who are in the Secondary school age group will need to make contact with the Transport Department to find out if they are eligible.

Application forms for these bus passes are available from Park Ridge Transit and from Brisbane Transport.

Other children using the buses are required to pay the prescribed fee laid down by the Transport Department. Costs are available from the bus driver.

Information can also be obtained by ringing;

Senior Secondary Student Driving Permit

Senior students wishing to drive a car to school. Paperwork must be completed, submitted and approved by the College Principal prior to driving to school. On approval, a driver permit will be issues for students to display on the front dashboard. ​
The Driving​ Permit is available to be downloaded from our Documents page (Secondary School information folder)

Last reviewed 25 May 2021
Last updated 25 May 2021