The Calamvale Community College library is fully automated, air-conditioned learning hub for all students from Prep to Year 12.  It is a well-appointed, with the most up-to-date resources including full Wi-Fi access to support the BYOD program.  The library supports the work of teachers and students through the provision of library and information literacy programs and resources.  This extends across all key learning areas within the school’s inquiry framework. The Teacher Librarians’ consult with the classroom teachers, to ensure student learning is useful, relevant and meaningful. The teacher librarian supports the development of skills, including Information literacy, Inquiry and ICT skills. The Teacher Librarian collaborates with the teachers to provide a literature-rich environment and inquiry based learning experiences for all students. Our library programs WHICH include Readers’ Club and Railroad Research Club, which encourages independent use of the library  and opportunities to actively inquire into topics of interest.


Calamvale Community College students have access to an online inquiry catalogue called Oliver.  

Oliver is a cloud based online catalogue, which identifies all resources available for loan through the Calamvale Community College library. Once students have accessed OLIVER, they are able to view their current loans, make reservations and view resources held in our library. 


Calamvale Community College students are able to access the EQ eBooks digital library through SORA. Students have access to a huge variety of online books which covers an array of genres.  Just download the SORA app, and access the book range using your MIS log in details.

Information note on the access to the Education Queensland Digital Library.(PDF, 282 KB)


The Library is open for student use before school from 8.00 am.  Parents are welcome to accompany their children at this time.  Students are also able to access the library during their lunch break and after school.  

All students are encouraged to borrow frequently, and can borrow every day if they wish.
All students are able to join Readers’ Club
Prep - 2 students may borrow one book at a time
Year 3 - Year 6 students may borrow up to two books at a time
Secondary students may borrow up to 2 fiction books and 5 non-fiction books at any one time 
Library books can be borrowed for a period of two weeks.
If a student needs to borrow extra resources for a particular research project, they are able to make a request to the Teacher Librarian.
If a student wishes to extend his/her loan then the resource must be returned and re-borrowed.
Students are encouraged to return resources by the due date so that others may use them.
Overdue lists are issued weekly to classes.
Once a student’s name appears on an overdue list for 3 consecutive weeks (for the same resource), then an email invoice is sent home to parents/carers advising them of the overdue resource.
Library resources which are lost or damaged have to be paid for, substituted or replaced.
Students in Prep and Year 1 require a library bag to borrow books.  These library bags are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop


Readers’ Club, endeavour to develop the lifelong skill of using a library independently, whilst developing a love of literature and enjoyment of reading.  Students can borrow every day, before school, after school or in the lunch break. Students can progress through reading levels where they are recognised for their active participation.


Students from Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to become a library representative. Library Reps are rostered to work in the Library during one lunch break each week.  In Term 4 of each year, positions as library reps for the following year are advertised. After a selection process, 8 students are chosen from the pool of applications. Successful applicants are trained to assist in the following areas:
Working at the loans desk to assist with handing out games and serving patrons.
Re-shelving Junior Fiction and Fiction books and tidying bookshelves.
Reading to younger students.
Preparing activities for students to participate in. 
Helping their fellow students 


During term 3 we celebrate Book Week, which recognises outstanding Australian authors who have been short listed by the Children's Book Council for the 'Book of the Year' Awards. Every year, displays, activities, author/illustrator/storyteller visits, concerts and competitions revolve around a book week theme. A lower junior, upper junior book character parade and a Cos Play dress up day for secondary school, features during this week.  To find out more about Book Week you can visit the Children’s Book Council of Australia website.


Calamvale Community College participates in Scholastic Book Club.  Six times per year, leaflets are distributed to students allowing for purchase of reasonably priced books and activity packs at reasonable prices.  This club also acts as fundraiser for the library as the school receives commission from sales which is spent on new books for the library.


Calamvale Community College participates in several book fairs each year.  These are held at the school and present an excellent opportunity to purchase quality books at reasonable prices.  The book fairs run over a 10 day period, and parents are always very welcome to peruse the books for sale before and after school. Purchasing books from the book fair, helps support the school as the library receives a commission on the amount sold.


A book covering workshop is held once a term to assist with covering new books the library has recently purchased. It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, help the school and meet other people.  Refer to Facebook for dates each term.

Last reviewed 27 March 2020
Last updated 27 March 2020