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​Our BYOD program and the technology empowered classroom

At Calamvale Community College we seek to explore the greatest potential cutting edge technology has to offer in the class room while keeping the learning environment safe and secure. We invite your children to bring the tools most familiar to them, their personal devices and encourage and enable  them to explore the endless possibility the digital world affords. Our teachers are constantly looking for new ways technology can complement and enhance the learning experience. Here you will find information that will assist you in selecting the right device. Access learning resources available to your child while enrolled at the college and guidelines to follow in order to keep your family safe both in the class room and online.


BYOD and device access throughout the year levels 

We have designed our BYOD program to suit our students as they develop through the year levels. Offering teachers the best type of devices in their class rooms to empower their pedagogy. We also take into consideration of age appropriateness in terms of complexity of operation for the students at different year level. Lastly the program also take into consideration how students will take their devices from one year to the next and allow parents to plan for upgrades in anticipation for their children "graduating" into more complex device.

Our BYOD program looks like this over our entire cohort:

Prep -Year 2: access to school owned iPads in class when needed, we do not expect young children at this age to participate in the BYOD program.

Years 3 - 5: We encourage children to participate in the BYOD program which is iPad only.

Year 6 - 12: Student have the choice of either iPads of traditional laptops as their BYOD device. 


Help with purchasing

Procuring a device can be daunting and serious investment for many families. At Calamvale Community College we seek to provide as much assistance as possible to help you purchase the right device.

The digital device handbook for both sub schools contains purchasing guideline designed to help you get the right device for your children. It is recommended you download the handbook in either the sub page for Junior and Secondary school of links section.

If you need further advice you can send an email to Helpful inclusion would be any quotes or marketing material you have on devices you intend to purchase. Someone will get help answer any queries you may have.

You can also access the JB HI FI portal by going to:​ and use the school code: CALAMVALECC2022

Responsible digital citizens 

We expect our students to be respectful and responsible in the use of technology in class. Our ICT Responsible policy which all students enrolled agreed to, outlines expected behaviour for our digital citizens here in Calamvale Community College. Please ensure you are familiar what is expected of our students both at school and online. A copy of the ICT Responsible policy can be found here.

Guides and Articles to help you get the most out of our BYOD program can be found in the sub school pages.

Last reviewed 23 November 2021
Last updated 23 November 2021