Specialist Teachers


In the Junior School, all students access lessons from specially trained teachers in Music, Physical Education, Mandarin, Language other than English (LOTE) and Information Literacy as part of the Australian Curriculum. From Prep, our students build on their knowledge, skills and understanding in each of these Key Learnings Areas (KLAs). Additionally, our specialist teachers facilitate Philosophy Circles as a way to further develop key questioning and thinking skills.

From Year 3, students are able to access the College's Instrumental Music- Strings program and Instrumental Music Woodwind program from Year 5. Students have scheduled lessons within their school day with trained Instrumental Music teachers. These teachers also facilitate the College Band Program.

Language other than English (LOTE)


A second language is an asset in many career paths: from hospitality and tourism, to commerce, construction, trade, banking, retailing, agriculture and the public service. Chinese is recognised as an important language for young Australians to learn as Australia progresses towards a future of increased trade and engagement with Asia. The future is bright for young Australians with Chinese language skills and an understanding of Chinese culture.

Study a second language in secondary school also benefits those who are seeking tertiary studies. Most universities in Australia have LOTE incentive scheme for both entry and many of their degree programs. For example, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University offer 2 entry rank points for passing an approved LOTE such as Chinese.

At the college, all students learn Chinese from Prep to Year 8, which aims to build a strong foundation in Chinese language skills and intercultural understanding. From Year 9 to 12, Chinese is offered as an elective subject.

The teaching and learning approaches of Chinese subject focus on intercultural understanding and thus involve many cultural activities. Students learn to speak, listen, read and write in Chinese language naturally within authentic cultural contexts. China Study Tour program will be offered to middle and/or senior students who elect to do Chinese subject to enhance their authentic learning experience.

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

HPE in the Junior School is taught in two strands; Health inquiry units in the classroom and fortnightly Physical Education lessons. In Physical Education (PE), students gain the physical skills, knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to enjoy physical  activity for a life time. In lower Junior, students learn the basics skills to enjoy games individually and with friends. In Upper Junior there is a shift towards learning the skills necessary to enjoy sport. When possible, we try to make connections with sporting organisations, such as; South West Metro Basketball, NRL, AFL, Oz Tag and Brisbane Heat.

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Last reviewed 05 May 2022
Last updated 05 May 2022