Certification (Certificate III & Traineeships)



The Certificate III and Traineeship pathway is targeted towards students who are looking at further tertiary study (TAFE or University) or looking at direct workplace qualifications.

Certificate IIIs are nationally recognised qualifications and can be obtained through either:

a) undertaking a course offered at CCC or through TAFE or SkillsTech

b) undertaking a traineeship with a workplace where the theory modules and qualification are learnt through a practical environment

Traineeships & TAFE and Skilltech Certificate Courses

 (ATAR​ ineligible/selection rank pathway students only)

  • Students eligible for this pathway may study TAFE courses while they are enrolled at the College.   TAFE courses run on a designated day of the week as negotiated by the school and TAFE. Students will be required to attend the TAFE campus for the duration of this day. Students are responsible for their own transport to and from the TAFE campus.
  • Students enrolling in these courses are considered TAFE students and therefore are required to meet all personal and assessment expectations set out by TAFE. Students will also be required to pay their materials fee to TAFE before commencing the course.
  • When students attend the TAFE campus they have the opportunity to access specialised industry specific equipment.
  • When a TAFE course appears on the students Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan) they are able to access the course at a highly subsidized fee. In many cases the student will only pay a materials fee. Students can only complete one TAFE course at any one time while at high school.
  • Students who do not demonstrate satisfactory progress in their program of study at school will have their TAFE enrolment cancelled without refund or reimbursement of TAFE fees.
At CCC we offer three Certificate IIIs on our Scope:
BSB30120 - Certificate III in Business + SIT20116 - Certificate II in Tourism (Binnacle Training)

SIS30315 - Certificate III in Fitness + SIS20115 - Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (Binnacle Training)

​SIT30316 - Certificate III in Hospitality Excellence Program (Blueprint Career Development)

Students need a high level of commitment and numeracy and literacy skills to appropriately engage in these courses, which will be determined in the SETP process.



The College fully supports students in accessing traineeships  by enabling students to have 1 day each week (as negotiated by the school and employer) to ensure the successful completion of a traineeship/apprenticeship. After 6 months of meeting the obligations of the traineeship/apprenticeship and all academic, attendance and behaviour requirements of the college the student may have the option to reduce the number of subjects studied. (Please note that English and Maths must be studied and cannot be one of the subjects that is no longer studied).

Examples of Traineeships 

pool traineeship.PNG

Business traineeship.PNG

Last reviewed 08 June 2022
Last updated 08 June 2022