Global Competence


Global Competence at CCC

Global Competence is now on the international agenda and the College recognises and values its importance in ensuring student voice, choice and ownership in the drive for a more sustainable and peaceful world. We have launched a strategic framework that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with global changes in education and with the vision of the International Baccalaureate. It seeks to further promote the school’s mission of fostering an environment where creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers can evolve and engage as local and global citizens. It involves a cultural, academic and action-oriented shift to engage our young people in deep learning and understanding of world issues, of knowing how they can respond to these in their own lives and as a community, and that they feel equipped and inspired to do so. 

We have more than 100 cultural groups represented in our school community and more than 66 languages spoken. This diversity enriches the overarching culture of the College and we have identified opportunities and established structures, programs and projects to support, promote and celebrate this diversity, which aim to develop a greater level of global competence. The Student Union in Secondary and the Student Council in Junior School are collaborating to promote solidarity and engagement and have a key role in promoting and facilitating the implementation of these student projects along with other whole school events. 


‘iTime’ is an additional class where, for 80 minutes each week, students explore their own place in the world, value the skills they have and how they connect with others, and design projects that support the Sustainable Development Goals. This time allows them to make connections with their learning, discover their passions, and seek ways to contribute to the larger community through Creativity, Activity, and Service. It is a valued and valuable part of their education and will enable them to thrive as local and global citizens and in their future career paths.


Enterprise and Design for a Generation of Entrepreneurs is a social entrepreneurial program run with Years 5-12 and a vehicle for student engagement in the area of global competence. It incorporates innovation, initiative, collaboration and valuing one’s own ideas and contributions, leading to a greater sense of self-efficacy. Through the development of relevant skills, those involved in EDGE can move from creating one-off projects, to visualising and designing small long-term changes that have the potential to be scaled up for a larger impact. The College’s business partners have assumed the role of mentors to our young entrepreneurs, participating in collaborative planning with students to bring these projects to fruition. 


We are using a critical service learning model to move beyond isolated acts of charity to a more profound focus on sustainability and social justice. Student-initiated action is promoted and opportunities for them to make curriculum connections and demonstrate their knowledge, empathy, awareness, collaboration, solidarity and partnerships beyond school with a more critical mindset are in being put in place. This aligns with the philosophy of the IB Primary Years Program and with the IB CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) course for IB Diploma students which has tapped into their leadership potential and which they have embraced to be able to instigate change and to make theirs and the voices of others heard. 


IB PYP: From Principles into Practice, 2018​

Last reviewed 15 June 2022
Last updated 15 June 2022