The ARTS Year 7-9



The co-curricular offerings at Calamvale Community College support and build on the Years 7-9 elective offerings of Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Film and TV.

Students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including:

• Instrumental Music Program

• School Musical and Theatre Performance

• Vocal group

• Artist in resident programs

• Creative Generation

• Logan Gallery Art Waves

• Cheerleading

• Art Exhibitions

• Concerts and showcases

• Festivals and workshops

Students are encouraged to attend live performances and exhibitions. Out of school excursions and in­ school incursions are made available to interested students as opportunities arise.


The Arts in any form allow students to learn in creative and practical ways. In Drama we are able to develop a wide range of skills that are transferable to any other Key Learning Area, social or workplace situation. Drama encourages students to critically and actively be aware of themselves and the world they live in. Students develop the ability to effectively communicate with others. Self-discipline, confidence and teamwork skills assist students to develop empathy and a clearer sense of self.

Students undertake learning through units of work such as:

• Collage Drama

• Stagecraft and Playbuilding

• Improvisation

• Children’s Theatre and Physical Comedy


Several different practical-based music modules are offered, with each one designed to enable students to develop a working knowledge of music theory and performance skills through the study of different music genres. The emphasis is to learn through participation and to gain experience through involvement. Recognition of prior learning and are features of the practical lessons.

Students undertake learning through units such as

• Video Game Music 

• Music Technology

• Music in Movies

Visual Art

Art offers a unique way for students to learn about their world. They are able to see and express their ideas, feelings and understanding of the world by designing, making and appraising art. Engaging students in artistic learning gives them freedom to develop, explore and respond to their own and other's experiences. Through Visual Art we express and share our world view, historical, cultural and personal. When students engage in Visual Arts, it is expected that they understand the diverse individual and communal expressions of Australia's past, present and future through artworks including those created by Indigenous Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Students undertake learning through units of work such as:

• 3D Art

• 2D Art

• Digital Art

Film, Television & New Media

By studying Film, Television & New Media, students will develop knowledge and skills in creative thinking, communication, collaboration, planning, critical analysis, and digital and ethical citizenship. They will develop the necessary critical and creative skills to reflect on and appreciate Australian and global cultures and make sense of what they see and experience. Film, Television & New Media will equip students for a future of unimagined possibilities with highly transferable and flexible thinking and communication skills.

Students undertake learning through units of work such as:

• Photography

• Music Videos

• Teen Film​

Last reviewed 14 June 2022
Last updated 14 June 2022